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I'm Gregory and my partner Petra are the owners of Play Out Loud. We are also parents and grandparents of adult and infant children.

Both Petra and I have collaborated on a number of business adventures. For the last 8 years, we have run a successful child daycare in Illinois called Little Feet Child Care and Preschool.

It was this experience, the up close personal nature of providing care, that deepened our appreciation for the importance of strengthening and supporting families. Our belief is simple; Strong families make strong communities. And that is exactly what we need today.

Well this belief in strong communities led us to the creation of Play Out Loud. A public space, where we could put into practice the things we learned while actually supporting families one-on- one in the daycare setting.

We invite you to join us in the effort to build a stronger community. Starting at the beginning, at the first bloom of a new family.

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3816 Common Street, Lake Charles
Phone: : 337-656-2908


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